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The Chef and the Inspiration

What happens when a fine dining chef, who grew up on a farm, opens a diner? Breakfast on Broadway.

Breakfast on Broadway owner Val Erpelding, came full circle when he realized his lifelong dream of owning a diner much like Kay's Kitchen in Minnesota, where he held his first job.

The contemporary twist to the American classics, made with the farm-fresh products, sets BOB apart from the traditional diner.

Above all, however, Val wanted a friendly place for all who stop in and a regular meeting place for locals. The friendliness filters down to the staff, and the guests. From the cooks to the bus boys to the wait staff, all are experienced pros. Most are locals and enjoy welcoming neighbors.  All of them love getting to know their customers.

So if you're looking for a friendly, warm diner with a down-home but hip menu, look no further than Breakfast on Broadway. 

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